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So we’re finally on the last day of my Uluru trip. Phew! I apologize for the sheer amount of photos in this post. But it had to be done. Hopefully you’ll forgive me.

So day three!

We woke up again super early, somewhere around 4.30am. The sunrise from our camp was absolutely stunning and is now proudly displayed as our header. After a quick breakfast and pack-up of the camp, we headed to do the King’s Canyon walk, which was approximately a 7km return hike (including a stop over at the “Garden of Eden”). As you’ll see from the pictures, temperatures were predicted to hit upwards of 40*C! Yikes. My 1.5L water bottle came in handy many times during the trip but by the end of this morning I was horribly tired of warm, even hot, water.

After our beautiful hike around the top of the canyon, we went and had a BBQ lunch back at King’s Creek Cattle Station and I sat by the pool for a bit. Then it was off on the road, to slowly make our way back to Alice Springs. On our way back, we cut across the land on outback road and that was about an hour’s drive. Very fun though, like a really long, slow rollercoaster, haha. After that, we stopped in to see Dinky the Singing Dingo and the Dodge truck that opened up the outback dirt roads and then home to Alice Springs.

That night in Alice Springs we all went out for dinner and I ordered a Camel & Stout Pie. And let me tell you… camel taste like, well, camel. It tasted dusty? It was very tender but not very good. I ate about half the pie before I gave up. Worth a shot. Funny how I got food poisoning not from the camel, but from my work holiday party. You’d think it would be the other way around!

In any case, here are my pictures from Day 3. Enjoy.


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Posted By: Emma

Hi folks! I have a game for you! It’s called… can you guess what I’m doing on my Christmas vacation? I’ll give you a hint, ok? OK!


If you guessed Ayers Rock or Uluru, you win 5 points and my undying love! To collect your prize… uh. Good luck?

So yes, I will be flying out of Sydney (solo) Dec 20 to Alice Springs where I will spend a night in a hostel there, then I will be picked up at 6am the next morning to go on a THREE DAY FOUR WHEEL DRIVE AYERS ROCK TOUR, eeee. I will then be dropped off back in Alice Springs Dec 23, stay a night there then the next morning will be flying out to Melbourne where I will meet up with Kelly. Her cousin, his wife and baby are in Melbourne and we’ll be spending Christmas day with them. Then, on Dec 30, we’ll fly back into Sydney. Finally, on the 31st, Rachelle will be flying in to Sydney to meet up with us. The trio will be reunited once again.

I am REALLY excited for this. It may be ridiculously hot at Ayers Rock at that point but I’m sure it’s a trip I will not forget. I’ve booked my trip with Wayoutback Tours. On this tour we’ll be doing Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and Watarrka (Kings Canyon). So yippee!

After I return, I’ll only have 2.5 weeks of work left. That’s crazy! And then it will be off to NZ, Thailand and the Gold Coast, not to mention Fiji and San Fransisco on the way home. My, how time is flying!

If you want to tell me how jealous you are of me, now would be a good time. 😀

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