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Posted by: Emma

Today marks the two week mark until we push off to Australia. And by push off, I mean fly off. That sounds like we were taking a boat. Which is a bad idea. Sea + Emma = Not a pretty sight. Trust me. I have witnesses.

Ok, so. Here’s what we don’t have:

  • Jobs
  • An apartment
  • Any sense of security and well-being

I kid! I kid? Yes, I’m a little worried. Yes, I also said previously that I wanted to wait until I get there to find such things. Yes, I’m a hypocrite. What can ya do!? I guess this all comes with the package though.

I’m sure once we get to the hostel, we can figure it out. Wake Up! Sydney has a job help desk plus a bullitin board where people looking for renters can post their housing. Talking to travellers will help too.

I do have a couple recruiters who have said they would like to meet me when I get to Sydney but they also haven’t responded to the latest e-mails so, y’know. I know looking at someone who isn’t even in the country at this point is kind of a risk for them. Either way, que sera sera.

Things I need to remember to do:

  • Buy heavy duty earplugs. Kelly is such a noisy sleeper! Ha, that is a lie. But she is well known for her midnight mouth smacking. This is more so I don’t get disturbed at the hostel by others.
  • Photocopying all legal documents (passport, birth certificate, etc), plus air tickets, travel insurance information, drivers licences, etc.
  • Print out various editions of resumes.
  • Fix Line of Credit at bank.
  • Start packing? Just maybe? Nah.
  • Continue throwing out items I will not need nor did I ever need them but I bought anyway. (Why do I have like, 18 billion hair products?)
  • Pack up winter clothes and ship ’em on home!
  • Same with pictures, photos, wall thingies, and sentimental items.
  • Get nice bottle of wine for my beloved friend’s parent’s who are storing my furniture for me.
  • Throw out all shoes I will not be taking. Maybe? Ack, so hard to part with things I bought.
  • Eat all my food. I don’t know how I will manage to eat 2 boxes of rice, several jars of mustard, 18 different 100-calorie snack packs, a box of pancake mix and all those baking good products I own but I can assure you… it’s not going to be tasty.

I think that’s it for now. Expect more lists on the way! Fun times, y’all.


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