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The last 2.5 minutes of the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks. Absolutely unreal. This will definitely rank as one of my top New Year’s Eves ever. You can hear our friend Richard, whose boat we were on, laughing in the background. He was just as blown away as we were I think.

I’ve never seen so many fireworks in my life. Sorry, Halifax, but you got nothing on Sydney. The whole night was a wonderful time, as we pulled into the harbour sometime around 6pm, feasted on pita, dip, olives, prawns, smoked oysters and drank Gin n Tonics, champagne and red wine.

I normally get sea-sick so Tim, Richard’s brother (who you saw earlier in the previous video), was nice enough to construct motion-sickness bracelets for both wrists for me. I think they helped because by the time night fell, I was feeling much better. It was a lovely evening. The wind was low, it was somewhat warm, we saw a fantastic sunset happen right behind the Opera House and then we got to top it off with the best fireworks I’ve ever seen.

2009 has been good to me already!

Here are some pictures from the night:


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Just some quick housekeeping notes:

  • I would like to send a very special shoutout to my Aunt Jean who sent a sweet Christmas card to our doorstep. Kelly would like to say “thank you!” for also addressing it to her. She felt honoured. Thanks, Jean! You da best.
  • And a special thanks to Grandma Ruth as well… I’m not sure if she’ll ever see this or not but I’m relying on extended family members *cough*Jean*cough* to show her that here I am! Saying THANK YOU! for the Christmas card as well and the present. I haven’t quite yet decided what to do with it, but I’m sure I’ll find something in Melbourne. I’ll be sure to send a picture your way.
  • To my lovely brother, Nathan: I am not bringing you back rocks from NZ. I’m worried enough as is about my weight restrictions because I have too many clothes, haha. I will promise to bring back memories. And maybe some pictures of LOTR-esque scenery.
  • Kelly may or may not make a special appearance on this blog to talk about the tattoo she got a couple days ago. She’s been very excited, and perhaps she is excited enough to actually blog? Wonders may never cease.
  • I have toyed with the idea of a tattoo commemorating the Australia trip but. I’m just not really a tattoo person. So rest easy, parents. My body has not yet been marked. And doubtful it will ever be. I live vicariously through others.
  • There have been a couple of exciting purchases in the last few days, namely theatre tickets! Hurrah! I’m going to be all cultural… ‘n stuffs. Kelly and I have bought tickets to see Wicked in Melbourne on Boxing Day. Very exciting; I’ve read the book and enjoyed it. And yes, I am aware the play is only loosely based on the book but still! It’s kind of like Broadway, right?
  • Kelly, Rachelle and I have also purchased tickets to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: All 37 plays in 97 minutes at the Syndey Opera House in January. I’ve been told by several people it is absolutely hilarious so I am also very much looking forward to that! A cultural education, I haz it.
  • Finally, I leave you with some awe-inpiring photos of what I will be doing this New Year’s Eve, which is namely: Kelly, Rachelle and I have managed to secure ourselves a spot on a friend’s boat so we are going to watch the world renown Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks from the Sydney Harbour. I really wanted to write the second part of that sentence in caps BECAUSE I AM JUST SO EXCITED but it was a lot of words. BUT I AM EXCITED, OK!? 😀

To everyone reading, I leave in a couple days for my Outback trip and may not be able to update until afterwards. So have a safe and happy holidays and I hope all my northern hemisphere friends are enjoying the snow and cold… or maybe not! 😉

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