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So this post may be a little loopy. Sorry about it but I haven’t slept since 6am yesterday morning, Thailand time. So that would make it…. more than 26 hours since I’ve slept. Oh boy. Brace yourselves.

Yesterday, we woke up early and Kelly’s aunt, Kim (who is lovely and it’s a shame we only met her the last couple days of our Thailand trip – even though we were staying in her condo every time we were in Bangkok) took us to the Jim Thompson Teak House in Bangkok. It was one of the things on the list I hadn’t yet done so that was really nice. Aunt Jan, you were right – the place was like an oasis admists the bustle, noise and pollution of Bangkok. It was nice to step away from that for just a little bit.

Then we got some food on the street (so good!) and went back to pack and head out. Poor Kelly got food poisoning in Koh Chang (I got to watch some pretty spectacular projectile vomiting, let me tell you!) and so she hasn’t been 100% since. So I don’t think the flight was too kind on her – though at least she managed to get a couple hours of sleep. I didn’t get any, sadly but I did watch a lot of good TV shows and films! Woo! (Love British Airways, by the way. Good food, good entertainment. I think Kelly and I’s favourite part though is the man who says, “Cheerio!” as we leave the plane. I realize that may seem silly but then again, what do you expect from us? Cheerio!)

So now we’re back in Sydney. Kelly is off on her last sail around Sydney Harbour and I am valiantly fighting my body’s rebellion due to lack of sleep. We’ll see how long I last. (I’m betting on out by 3pm, right on the dot!)

So, we fly out on Monday for Fiji. Should be most excellent! I enjoyed my trip to Thailand and it was good for me to stretch my comfort zone to include countries that don’t speak English, French or Spanish. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed trying to use my minimal Thai wherever I could. (Sa-wah-dii kha, khap kun kha, chai!, mai chai … that’s really all I have… haha.)

While we were there, we (in no specific order):

– Went to a lady boy show

– Went to the weekend market

– Did a LOT of shopping (got pretty good at haggling over a price on the calculator hehe)

– Saw the Jim Thompson house

– Did a 3 day/2 night jungle trek (our guide was SHORTER than me, which I know is hard to believe but it’s true! We followed a Thai midget around the jungle for 3 days ahaaaaa) which included elephant riding and bamboo rafting

– Went and did the beach/island scene at Koh Chang

– Saw Grand Palace and Wat Pho

– Did a Thai cooking class

– Learned that Thai men? Are the most awkward flirts ever! Seriously

– And basically had a good time! Ate a LOT of delicious, delicious food!

It was nice but I am glad to be back in Australia with normal toilets and English and that feeling of “home” – because Sydney definitely feels a little like home now. It’s nice. I will be very sad to leave.

I should probably go make sure I don’t die. Sa-Wah-Dii Kha for now!


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So for the next instalment of Favourite Travel Pictures by yours truly, I decided to go with this tuk tuk picture I took last week, as we headed back from the Chiang Mai night market (where we enjoyed delicious… English cuisine at the Red Stag – what? We were tired of Thai food) to our hotel.

Tuk tuk driving

I have developed a hate for flash photography so I decided to take one without which resulted in it being blurrier than it should have been. However, I like to think this only enhances the artistic quality of the picture. I may be the only one who feels that way, ha, but that’s OK by me. I feel it actually captures the hustle and bustle of the Thai streets much better than a still picture ever could and I’m sticking by my decision. :p

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I just love all the Engrish (engrish n.: Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. Often, not only in Japan, but all around the world [Source]) that we’ve been seeing here in Thailand.

Here are some of my absolute favourites!

Friced Rice


Justin is a bad man

You’re welcome. 😀

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Today we went to Grand Palace and the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho, I think?). We hired a guide at the Grand Palace and he was very nice. Kept calling us “lady” hee. Grand Palace was really gorgeous. The new header is compliments of the Grand Palace! The Reclining Buddha was HUGE, oh my lord I did not expect it to be so big at all.

We ate lunch somewhere on the street – it was good and tonight we went to a restaurant where no one spoke English. We managed to order Singha pretty easily, dinner was little trickier but it was good the menus had some English translations on them so we avoided the frog (!) and cat (!!). Ya, not my taste. Red curry is fine, t’anks.

I also love buying fresh fruit for so cheap here! 10 baht for half a pineapple! (That’s like, $0.35 CAD.) Or 20 baht for tons of strawberries. Mmm!

Tomorrow we go to the weekend market. 10,000 stalls of people selling wares, food, etc. I have no idea what to expect except that hopefully I will come back totally exhausted and with lots of clothes.

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