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Posted by: Emma

Sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for our flight to board. Kelly isn’t here yet. I hope she makes her connection. I wish I had thought to grab her flight number so I could check but alas! I have been much pre-occupied as of late. Kelly, get your butt to my gate number. Number 157. Do it.

Yes, I totally caved and bought wireless internet time. I have things to do! I swear! Important things such as… uh. Checking email? Seeing how many people love me on Facebook (seven?)? Oh! Finding out how to get to the hostel. That IS important. Good job Emma. You may have saved the day.

I didn’t have my booking number or my itinerary so I was having a little trouble getting the kiosk to accept I really was going to fly to LA. Eventually I just waited in line for the attendant to help. She was very helpful!

My bigger bag was 8 pounds over regulation. Apparently they don’t check cumulative poundage (as I was also taking a MUCH smaller bag) but each one is allowed up to 50 pounds. Would have been an extra $100. I was all for paying that cause (a) I’m lazy and (b) I had assumed I’d be over. She convinced me to shift some stuff over and in the end I managed to drop my large bag to 53 pounds. Luckily she said it was close enough and didn’t charge me. Aww Canadians. Not sure I will get the same deal in LA but we will see. I’ll look super-cute and hopefully that’ll be enough to turn the hearts of the cold, cruel Americans.

Anyway, I am going to resume my facebook creeping and keeping a look out for my travel buddy. Buddy! Get here!

Bye everyone, wish us a easy and nausea-free flight. 😀


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