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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but I just haven’t had time. Darn you traveling, darn you!

There’s no two ways about it: Long distance relationships are hard. It takes a lot of dedication, time, effort, money to make it work and then even when you have all those factors, it still doesn’t guarantee success. Putting anywhere from 200 km to 20,000 km between you and your boy/girl can really strain a relationship – and is it no wonder? Not being able to talk to face-to-face, to touch, to kiss – all vital things in a relationship can really drain a relationship down to its barest of forms.

I left for Australia with a boyfriend and a bag of hopes slung over my shoulder. I knew it would be tough. I had been in a LDR before – though 300km was nothing to the 15,000km I would soon be facing. But I had faith that given the right person, the right timing, it might make it. It didn’t and that’s ok. C’est la vie! As with all life experiences, I feel I’ve learned a lot from it. And so I’m glad it happened, even if the outcome was not what I would have wanted.

Had I taken the cowardly route – avoided trying to make it work while I was away – I know I would have been plagued with “what if’s” for a long time. I like to take chances and give something a shot. If I fail, I can console myself that I at least tried.

So my advice to any youngin’ trying to find love in this luckless world is this: Give it a shot. Have fun with it. Be inventive. Be realistic about expectations but try. Try hard. Try often. Communicate!! Have faith. Don’t give up easily. But give up when it’s not worth it any longer.

And the most important advice I can say is: Don’t give up travel dreams for ANYONE – go out and explore but check in and let them know you miss them terribly. You will regret it if you sit around, pining for your loved one in a distant land, lamenting the fact that you left them. No! Resist the urge. Get out there – see what you want to see. Heck, see what you don’t want to see! Talk to other travelers, share, learn, grow from them and their experiences. Do as much as you can with your time and budget. You will NEVER regret doing that. Trust.

And if it doesn’t work out… Dude(tte)! Look around you. You’re in a foreign country and you’re freakin’ single! Make the most of it!!


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